Hi everyone (wow! Someone is actually ready my blog),

In my first post I decided to take the decision to make my blog anonymous so that I can be my crazy (like completely crazy) self.

I can’t go into details about myself like my name but other than that I’m a just like any other teenage girl ….. Awkward, crazy and completely (I think I like this word now) spontaneous – not to mention a little clumsy but let’s not go there.

I love all things Tumblr, music is my life and art is my escape. In my blog I will be covering almost anything and everything but if anyone has any suggestions in particular just leave it on my suggestions or contact me through e-mail or Instagram. I hope if your reading this now you are planning stick around for a while and accompany me on my slightly bumpy roller-coaster into the future.  

Foreverbloggergirl xxx