Nothing holding me back

Image result for nothing holding me back tumblr hello everyone,

Today, I decided to write with the theme being “nothing holding me back” (and well done to the guys who noticed this is also Shawn Mendes’ new song) because with the exams fast approaching, I’m putting all my effort (well, some of it anyway) into trying – can I exaggerate the trying- to do my best and succeed.

As teenagers, we always think that the grass is greener somewhere else, but usually it’s not, we just have to use what we have to shoot for the moon (a long shot I know, but even if we miss the moon, we will still be somewhere amongst the stars). There will always be someone one richer or cleverer or faster than you but use your motivation to do your best in order to push yourself further. (I need some chips with all this cheese!).Image result for nothing holding me back tumblr

At school, everyone used to be soo competitive – not so much in the classroom but more in the aspect of being the best on the track or swimming pool. No-one could bare to lose, if you couldn’t win you would settle for silver or bronze, but what we don’t realise is somebody always has to lose, otherwise nobody would be able to win. “Losing” is often associated with being bad at your sport or not good enough but in the Olympics, when athletes aren’t awarded a medal they are still recognised.

… just something we need to remember ….

Foreverbloggergirl xxx


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