The power of words…

Image result for girls hugging tumblrheyy everyone,

Soo … everyone has heard the expression “actions speak louder than words” and in some situations this is definitely the case … but in others, not so much. Words have the power to make it or break it. A simple phrase like:

I love you  …. or…..

…… I hate you

could change your interpretation of life, or even your relationship (“will you marry me?” for example).

Image result for the power of words quotesIt’s gets tiring for people around you to constantly say “think before you speak”, but it’s not just that, it’s the effect those words (or lack of them in some cases) can cause a catastrophic effect on the other person.

Words are more powerful than anything, when you take the time to stand face to face with someone and give just a little bit of advice or a push in the right direction, it can mean a lot more than a text.

Words have special power:

… The power to create smiles or frownsImage result for the power of words tumblr

… The power to generate laughs or tears

… The power to lift up or put down

… The power to motivate or de-motivate

… The power to teach good or evil

… The power to express love or hate

Choose your words carefully….

If you could have a conversation with anybody in the world, but it would be the last person you would ever speak to, who would it be and what would you say?

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7 thoughts on “The power of words…

  1. For me it would have to be the person who bullied me for most of my life. It was a dark time and I couldn’t stand up to myself then, and now, I want to do something to help others who are facing the same thing I went through and those who went through them. What I would say is that What did you get out of, from hurting others? and what would you do if it was you?
    Until next time

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    1. What a great way of putting things in perspective for people! I’ve never considered myself bullied while growing up. Now, looking back at it, I know there have been comments about my weight (being way too skinny) that have definitely affected me for quite some time. I am still skinny, except now I embrace it. And I refuse to allow anyone around me to be bullied regardless of the reasoning behind it. Words hurt regardless of how much you try to not let them

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  2. A very good way to summarize the topic! Everything we say, and even think, has an impact on everything we do…how people think you can separate the two I find to be very interesting creatures!


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