Let it go

Hellooo everyone (or welcome if your new?!),

If u haven’t already check out my previous blogs “First blog (eek!)” and (knowing when to stop…) and any comment or suggestions would be appreciated…

Today I just want to say I’m taking on all the advice you lovely people gave me (thanks for that btw) and has anyone already noticed my sneaky title “let it go” – from frozen, you guys are definitely worth Image result for olaf quotesmelting for (see what I did there to!!! haha). Anyway, back to the topic, I want to discuss with you letting go.

Some people who originally brought me lots of joy and laughs (this is like totally NOT at ALL aimed) but now the table has turned and its mainly leaving scars and lots of tears…

Taking a trip down the old memory lane, letting people go hurts but its better to do it straight away than force your relationship any longer – at least you’ve left it on a (slightly) good note. So I’m gonna say goodbye turn around and go, before I can see there reactioImage result for tumblr girl walking down a roadn because that would absolutely kill me. I still care about them the only thing is we don’t work, and if carried on that would just be forcing it and it wouldn’t feel real.

Sorry about that, but I’m going pretty deep, and the fact you guys are sooo supportive means the absolute world to me (more than you will ever know)

Also comment your name below so that I can see your blogs as well, thank you… So, my question for u guys, have u ever had to ever leave a friendship, relationship, place that meant the world to you (you get what I mean now) and if you have how did it go for you?

Foreverbloggergirl xxx


28 thoughts on “Let it go

  1. I actually have been hurt from since I was little by people very close to me. So I don’t tend to trust people enough so they can hurt me. Like with my best friends. I love them and I enjoy their company. But I’ll never count on them. 1. because I truly believe I can only count on myself and 2. because I know I can’t really count on them as they could change their mind over time. I don’t hold a grudge against them. There has only been one person who got me to trust him the most. But he also let me down. I think people are people. Everyone makes mistakes. But like you said, if it doesn’t feel good anymore, it’s time to let go. Either that, or you have to make an effort to make it work. One thing is for sure, I don’t take anything for granted… I love how this post made me think a bit deeper! Keep up the good work and happy blogging!! xoxo Sarah

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  2. I absolutely loved reader this post! This relates a lot to what I’ve dealed with in the past. I had a good friend who would make me smile, but for all the wrong reasons. Rather than to tell jokes in a positive manner, they would use other people’s mistakes to get the laughs out of me. At first I didn’t see what was wrong, and I would go along with it. I believed it was ok to laugh at others hardships just because my friend would laugh at them. Now that years have gone by and I’m no longer friends with them, I can see how terrible they acted. I’ve let go the need to have them around me, and I’ve found so many new friends who do treat people with more respect!

    Even if they weren’t treating people fairly then, I do believe that there’s always something good in a person, even if it takes years to see that. I hope my old friend treats people with more respect and finds happier ways to make others laugh, without the use of negative comments.

    And yes, letting go is very difficult. Especially if you’ve grown attached to something you love dearly. I’m so happy to see you talk about this, it can be hard to talk about these things. But opening up about it (even if it’s talking to your fellow blogger friends) can be so freeing!

    I hope you continue to write more posts like this, it was well written and I can definitely see your passion for this topic!

    Hope to hear more from you! xoxo

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  3. Hi Forever Blogger Girl,
    Congratulations on starting your blog recently. I met you at Jason’s Meet and Greet, so I came to meet and greet you. I help new bloggers at my site.
    Maybe you can check out my blog. I offer blogging tips and tech tips for bloggers. I also host 10 networking events each month where you could meet new readers.

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    1. Thank you 😉 it means a lot to me, and I think we should definitely connect, for the moment I don’t have an e-mail (i’ll tell u when I do) but maybe we can dm through Instagram, my names foreverbloggergirl1 🙂 I would love to hear from you
      Foreverbloggergirl xxx

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  4. Just came across you blog and i have to say – i love the honesty you hold in your words. I also read your first post and understand why you choose to remain anonymous ( i chose the same after all… And for the same reason…).
    Also, i would suggest you put some some catchy title for your blog home page, as it still shows “Site Title” as the title. ☺
    Answering your question- yes. I have had you leave someone behind, someone who meant the world to me. But it was for the best. And even though i still miss that person a LOT…. I believe it was the correct choice, and for the both of us.

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  5. i can totally relate to this- i have recently had a friendship that was originally great but slowly went down the drain. i tried to hold on to it but honestly that just made it ten times worse. in the end, it was just easier to just let go.

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  6. I left a friendship behind. She was actually the closest female friend to me I ever had. The ending to our friendship wasn’t good and it was inspite of me and my drunken actions of an immature man. I took a dare from another friend and ask her a question that turned out friendship sideways. I miss her and our adventures, but I know I don’t deserve her friendship anymore and she’ll be happier without it. *sigh* 😭

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  7. what’s present for me to share is how much I value letting go. It is something I work on regularly. Your blog was a beautiful service to me this morning. Keep going! ❤ Love it. Blessings, Debbie (ps – I did a post on my mom recently on compassion and forgiveness …. )

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  8. I’m sorta 4 days late but I just wanted to sayyyy…
    I’ve had to leave a few friendships because they just weren’t working out, and all of them were hard to leave. So it’s ‘well done to you’ that you are able to write about these things,
    Ellie xxx


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