Knowing when to stop…

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There’s a point in everyone’s life when things become too much and are no longer enjoyable anymore whether it’s in a relationship, a friendship or just a commitment. Sometimes, you feel like you’re in wayyyy above your depth and need something or someone to bring you back up to the surface.

Right now I’m asking everyone what they think, I know this is something everybody can relate to. Sometimes the easiest option is just to get up and walk away from the reality of your life (or bringing it back down to scale in line with my life, a classroom).

School’s fast approaching now and especially when I’ve left some relationships in quite a rocky place (like dangling on the edge of a cliff supported by that of only one single thread) it can trigger anxieties which can often ruin my positive relationships with others because my attention is focused in the wrong area. You need to know when to stop ….

Image result for depression quotestumblr….. And just leave that behind…

But is that always the right thing to do, should you keep trying to be in that relationship even though the other person is only half-hearted?

Any comments would be appreciated

Sorry about the dark (darker than usually) content. I will go back to my normally blogging after

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19 thoughts on “Knowing when to stop…

  1. Loved your thoughts on such a topic, I personally believe that sometimes you just have to let go of certain toxic relationships,

    Keep writing and building on your content, now I’m interested in reading more of your work! 🙂

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  2. Great post! And I completely agree. As someone with anxiety, I get that any type of relationship can become stressful very quickly and it becomes difficult to deal with it. Surround yourself with people that make you feel good about yourself, and feel better xx Excited for your next posts!

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  3. hey i came on to your site after you left your comment. your Blog post is so relatable. like I said on my post on this topic you need to push these bad relationships behind you and look at what you want to do, it is hard and if that means that theses relationships get better or worse because of it at least you are being true to yourself. I hate this thought but its better to start now then starting when you are 40. Don’t worry as people prefer people who are true to themselves and not trying to be something they are not.

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  4. Hi, I decided to check out your blog after you commented on my post and found we have similar issues. I think it is time you take your own advice and cut those ties with the people that bring you down. You sound like a really nice person so don’t let anyone tell you any different. xxx

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  5. We welcome all your darkness and misery along with your light and accomplishments amd everything in between! I learned that hanging on to half hearted things while you are the one that’s full hearted is going to cause you more harm in the long run. After my ex wife, I decided never to let that kind of relationship (no matter what kind it is) survive. Take that info and run with it.

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  6. Life is too precious to waste on anything, including relationships, that you have to continuously justify or “look at the bright side” or that brings more sorrow than joy. I was raised to make the best of it and commit, but I am not sure of committing to friendships that cause harm and not good. Just my thoughts. Hugs!


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