Nothing holding me back

hello everyone, Today, I decided to write with the theme being “nothing holding me back” (and well done to the guys who noticed this is also Shawn Mendes’ new song) because with the exams fast approaching, I’m putting all my effort (well, some of it anyway) into trying – can I exaggerate the trying- to do … More Nothing holding me back


My Bucket list

heyy guys, OK, right I’m gonna put it straight here… if for some reason, you were told you were dying (which I’m definitely NOT, before everyone gets worried), would you be happy with the life you had lived so far? …. Because I definitely wouldn’t and rather realising it when that statement is actually a … More My Bucket list

Let it go

Hellooo everyone (or welcome if your new?!), If u haven’t already check out my previous blogs “First blog (eek!)” and (knowing when to stop…) and any comment or suggestions would be appreciated… Today I just want to say I’m taking on all the advice you lovely people gave me (thanks for that btw) and has anyone already … More Let it go

First blog (eek!)

Hey guys!!! So, I’ve decided to start a blog, pretty BIG I know. I’ve been thinking on theme ideas …. But soo far I’ve got nothing. After looking on the internet they all pretty much come up with the same results… : Self-improvement/Self-Hypnosis Health & Fitness for Busy People Language Learning Blogs How to Travel … More First blog (eek!)